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Sedona, Arizona

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Once again, the open road calls, and we love road tripping through Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, with the music turned up (Paul Simon’s “Graceland” obviously) and the spirits high. Visit Sedona to experience it’s natural beauty and energy fields. The Arizona desert town (near Flagstaff) is surrounded by red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls, pine forests, and includes a vibrant arts community (the town’s outskirts, numerous trailheads access Red Rock State Park). The town itself bustles with art galleries and expensive gourmet restaurants, and it’s easy to take day trips into Phoenix or even to the Grand Canyon, but plenty of people, once they get to Sedona, just want to commune with nature and soak up the serene vibes.


• Hiking near the most notable red-rock buttes such as Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Bear Mountain and Courthouse Rock • Seeking out the vortexes • Oak Creek Canyon • Shopping at Tlaquepaque • Browsing the art galleries and shops along Highway 89A

Eat: Barking Frog Grille, Che-Ah-Chi, Oaxaca Restaurant, The Heartline Café

Mystical Sedona

There are plenty of ways to find magic here, but if you are looking to deepen your experience…

  1. Vortex HuntingThose seeking a truly enlightening experience, should head to one of Sedona’s many renowned mystical vortex locations. Pack some hiking boots and check out this map, or book a guided tour.

  2. Crystal ShoppingThere’s a seemingly never-ending supply of crystal stores in Sedona; visit Mystical Bazaar, or Crystal Magic. Unsure which stone to go with? The overarching opinion from shop employees is buy quartz—it is a kind of do-it-all stone which may help manifest ones intentions.

  3. Mystical AdventuresIf you’re feeling extra open-minded and you’re hoping to discover more on your trip than just a few new crystals, swing by the Center for the New Age.

  4. Restorative JauntsNot just about shamans and otherworldly adventures, Sedona also offers a truly relaxing and retreat-like experience for visitors. The opulence of L’Auberge de Sedona Resort & Spa cannot be underestimated; Sedona also offers a ton of options for yoga, but you’ll definitely want to find yourself on one of the area’s many hiking trails to really explore and unlock the majestic beauty of Sedona’s iconic red rocks.


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