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Top activities in USA National Parks

Updated: Jun 24

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  • Take a Guided Tour Through the Park: When entering a national park, you’ll receive a map from the park ranger that highlights all the major park attractions and viewpoints. It is recommended to use the provided park maps as a guide to tour around the national parks with a bus, RV, car, bicycle or even on foot.

  • Observe Amazing Wildlife: Watching wildlife in a national park is a surreal experience, just be sure to pay attention to park guidelines and recommended observation distances provided by park rangers.

  • Choose a Scenic Hike: Most national parks have well-established hiking trail systems where trails are usually well-marked and easy to follow. For some trails in remote areas, you might need a wilderness permit, which can be requested

  • Set Up Camp: For outdoor enthusiasts visiting a national park, camping is the original overnight stay experience. Be sure to do your research for campsite amenities and rules before your arrival.

  • Attend a Local Event: Just outside of national parks, you’ll find gateway towns that often provide everything you need for your national park experience, with their unique year-round events like rodeos, live music, festivals, sporting events, farmers markets, and more

  • Ride a Horse: It's a wonderful experience to explore from the saddle of a horse. Horseback riding is great for groups and those who want a more unplugged mode of transportation during their national park exploration.

  • Go Fishing: National parks are a great place to fish, but they’re also protected lands, so it’s important to educate yourself on fishing regulations in each area (hence the popular hobby fishing known as catch-and-release)

  • Get on the Water: While motorized boating is popular, a human-powered water adventure is more eco-friendly and rewarding in experience. On a river, try whitewater rafting or canoeing. On a lake, grab a kayak or standup paddle-board. If you just want to take a refreshing dip, you can always blow up a tube and go for a float.

  • Bring Your Backpack: One of the true national park experiences is to head into the backcountry with nothing but a backpack of supplies. If you have never backpacked, we highly recommend going with a professional guide in order to be safe in the vast national park wilderness.

  • Snap Some Photos: With all the great scenery and wildlife, it is hard to beat a picture taken from inside a national park. Each national park has breathtaking vantage points that make equally stunning photos. Don’t forget your tripod for time-lapse photos of sunsets or waterfalls and a telephoto lens for safely photographing wildlife.

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